Has university changed old ways for new semester?

Florida A&M University has finished its first week of the new year. Does this mean old habits will be thrown out?

FAMU students old and new have encountered negative issues at least once in their postsecondary careers, many relating to financial aid. Students continue to complain about not receiving net checks in a timely fashion and a lack of assistance received from financial aid employees when attempting to rectify mistakes.

Although Interim President Castell V. Bryant took a definitive step in trying to improve this department by making numerous terminations, some of the problems persist.

Perhaps the new director of financial aid will take steps to further improve this department.

Another face appearing at FAMU will be the university registrar.

Unlike the Office of Financial Aid, the registrar’s office has more positives than negatives. This means the only task the new registrar has to do is either improve or maintain the office’s current level of efficiency.

And last but not least is the presidential search.

The search is down to three candidates for Bryant’s position. With last year’s negative press over embezzlement and ridicule over Bryant’s numerous terminations, the responsibility of the new president will be to bring FAMU out of this rut.

Only time will tell whether these changes are for the better or the worst.

Anthony Anamelechi for the Editorial Board.