The Famuan: Top 10

1. Florida A&M University named No. 1 University for black students by Black Enterprise magazine. (That whole College of the Year in 1997 thing was getting old.)

2. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. case ending in a mistrial. (All of that, and no decision? What a letdown.)

3. Journalism student Nefertiti Williams’ death. (We’ll miss you, Storm.)

4. Marching 100’s alleged hotel theft. (What in the world are you going to do with a smoke detector? By the way, thanks for the Facebook group.)

5. Mr. FAMU being removed from office. (Do you really have to be that smart to smile and wave?)

6. Students have yet to receive net checks even though the fall semester is over. (So, about my stuff laying out on the front yard…)

7. Three Marching 100 members arrested for hazing. (What’s with this cycle of violence around here?)

8. New car booting policy by the FAMU Police Department. (Oh the injustice! I know I parked in the handicap space but come on, I did it for an education.)

9. Opinions story, “Good Women Hard to Find at HBCUs” (That’s because they’re all at the mall catching that sale for Homecoming.)

10. Two school-wide power outages. (They say it was the city’s fault, but twice in a month? Has anybody seen the utility bill?)