Child’s death resulted from abuse

Geontae Glass, 5, was found dead Tuesday morning in Gadsden, Ala. Police believe that Shalinda Glass, the boy’s mother, and Kevin Towles, Shalinda Glass’ boyfriend, staged an abduction of the child to cover up his death. It is alleged that Geontae’s death is a result of physical abuse and trauma.

Police found one-eighth of an ounce of cocaine, $33,000 in cash, an AK-47 and a 30-round clip of ammunition at Towles’ residence.

Though no one has been convicted, one could speculate that the reason this woman allegedly abused and killed her child was because of her boyfriend. Furthermore, one could also suspect that the boyfriend was abusive to the mother as well.

There was once a time in the black culture where the mother was the rock of the family. When things got rough in the household, the mother did what she had to do to keep the family together.

It’s not only horrific, but heart-breaking to discover that a mother would kill her child over a man. In addition, it is a disgrace that a man is pathetic enough to take the life of someone’s child.

Any man that is abusive to a mother and her child is not a real man. If you are a woman in an abusive relationship, depart from that relationship immediately.

Make sure that you talk to someone about your situation. You are not only endangering yourself, but also those who are connected to you.

Brent Hatchett for the Editorial Board.