Safety system will alert campus and community

The Florida A&M University Police Department will add the Federal Warning System, another system that, in conjunction with the current e2Campus alert system, will aid in student safety.

As the semester comes to an end, Rattlers and neighboring community members can rest a little easier, knowing that they will be alerted when danger is near. The new system has a horn system that will sound to alert students and faculty members to check his or her communication devices, such as e-mails, mobile phones, text pager or web pages, for messages from FAMU PD about danger.

It is about time that, in perilous situations, FAMU PD established a better system to communicate with students. Sounding the horn will also help notify those student who are not enrolled in the e2Campus alert system, thus reaching a bigger population.

Hoping to be ready for use by the last week of the semester, the FWS horn will be atop a pole that is located behind the Benjamin L. Perry Building.

FWS should also motivate students to enroll in the e2Campus alert system. Not only does the alert system warn students of trouble, it also informs students about class cancellations, sports news, emergencies and campus reminders such as registration.

Signing up can be done by visiting FAMU’s Web site

Katrelle Simmons for the Editorial Board.