Illegally parked cars get the boot

Students were surprised to find that the Florida A&M University Police department was in full effect booting cars after the new policy was implemented in November.

Several cars were booted Tuesday. One car was spotted in the parking lot of Bragg Memorial Stadium.

In the Nov. 20, issue of The Famuan, FAMU Police Chief Calvin Ross said that booting cars would cut out three-fourths of on-campus towing.

Ross said cars could be booted for parking in an unauthorized place on campus, parking on campus without a decal and parking in a gated area.

Ross also said students will have 48 hours to pay for the removal of a boot. After the 48-hour time period has elapsed, the boot will be removed from the vehicle, and arrangements will be made to have the vehicle towed.

At that point the driver will no longer have to pay the $55 fine, Ross said. The driver will have to pay the price of getting the vehicle from the tow truck company.

For any additional questions about the new booting policy, John Kirby, the associate parking director, can be contacted at