New exam to test true democracy

Do you know the true meaning of democracy?

A new U.S. citizenship exam that will be tried out in 10 cities early next year will ask applicants less about historical facts and more about the meaning of democracy, according to an USAToday article.

Every U.S. Citizen should know about democracy. We live in a democratic country so don’t we need to know what democracy is?

One of the new exam questions will ask, “What does ‘We the people’ mean?”

We believe this new U.S. citizenship exam is a necessary change and is an improvement from the current exam, which asks what Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream meant instead of who he was.

The new questions that are asked have more relevance, according to USAToday, because testers are asked why there are 13 stripes on the flag instead of how many stripes there are.

In our society, it is sad to see an American that knows next to nothing about his or her country. If you don’t know who our current vice president is, you should at least know the meaning of democracy. Democracy is one of the main reasons that people are so strong-minded about becoming a citizen of this country.

If democracy is what draws you to immigrate to the United States, shouldn’t you know what democracy is? The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services thinks so.

The citizenship office plans to replace the current test in spring 2008.

Siraaj Sabree is for the Editorial Board.