Don’t sweat the small stuff

I had an enormously awful last two weeks. Within the span of 14 days my grades fell, my personal life was in shambles and, to top it all off, I lost a friend. Prior to receiving the news on my dear friend’s death, I thought that my life was a wreck.

I complained to my family about my decreasing academic standings in two classes, telling them that I was doing all I thought I could to improve my performance on tests. And since I am accustomed to receiving As and Bs, I couldn’t fathom the thought of a C. That alone had me shook.

I then proceeded to complain about my personal life. “Why do bad things happen to good people?””What did I do to deserve to have people in my life that didn’t have my best interest at heart.”

But as I was getting ready to head out on the town with my best friend, I received the news; Nefertiti Williams’s body was found. And after that, I sat down and started to re-evaluate my life.As I sat down in my room, I began to contemplate all the things in my life that were not going too well.

I was complaining about schoolwork and personal problems. But when I thought about it, I was still able to wake up the next day, something that many take for granted.

It is time to let the small problems go and just enjoy life.As the school year comes to a close, I know things are probably beginning to get hectic for many students.

Whether you are dealing with academic or personal problems, remember that at least you are alive.

According to, letting go of all the uncontrollable and unchangeable problems in your life will not only increase your happiness, it will give you a sense of self-pride.

By allowing avoidable problems to rule your thoughts, you are voluntarily allowing yourself to self-destruct when you could just let them go and enjoy life.

If you are unhappy, rid yourself of the things that are causing the unhappiness. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.Don’t involve yourself in anything that causes pain because you never know when your time on Earth is up.

As expressed in a song by India.Arie, “it’s the little things and the joy they bring.”

Instead of chasing something you know is not good, try simply being glad you woke up this morning. As you walk through this journey we call life, remember that you are not guaranteed tomorrow.

So as finals quickly approach, and you find yourself complaining about your life, stop and be thankful that you can even open your mouth to complain.

At that time, begin to think of things and people who make you happy.

Do you really want to spend precious time worrying about minute things that, although at the time make you feel like your whole world is falling apart, are really things that can be replaced with something that makes you smile?

I know I don’t.

Katrelle Simmons is a junior English education student from Orlando. She can be reached at