Inside the Huddle with Albert Chester II

Last year, quarterback Albert Chester II waited until near the end of the contest to show Florida Classic fans what he could do.

This year, the redshirt junior from Jacksonville showed more than 71,000 fans at the Citrus Bowl from the opening snap how dominant he could be.

With 337 yards in the air and 5 touchdowns, Chester led the way for the Florida A&M University offensive attack.

After leading the FAMU Rattlers to a convincing 35-21 win over the Bethune-Cookman College Wildcats Saturday, Chester reflected on his performance in the XXVII Annual Walt Disney World Florida Classic.

The Famuan: Tell me how it feels to win the MVP trophy for the second straight year.

Chester: It feels good. It feels real good. But I got a kinetics test and a pharmacology test when I get back. So I have to be ready for those (laughs).

The Famuan: You’re going home to study tonight?

Chester: No, not tonight.

The Famuan: Was this the breakout game for which you’ve waited?

Chester: All I can say is finally. I have been waiting all year for it. And finally, this is it.

The Famuan: You had 5 touchdowns tonight. Your receivers looked like they were catching almost every ball that came their way.

Chester: You know everything that could have went right today went right. We went back to the drawing board after that stomping, which I would like to forget about. We drew up some different stuff and it ended up working out for us.

The Famuan: The Wildcats defense was able to get to you a little bit. You got sacked 7 times, 4 of which came in the first half. How were you able to overcome that and have such a big game?

Chester: We were never down. We just made some adjustments in the protection and changed some of the routes up a little bit. Five touchdowns later and here we are.

The Famuan: You weren’t really able to get out and get the rushing yards you usually get. Is that something you were worried about, or did you just look for the win?

Chester: Oh, you know I’ll take the win man.