Center offers hands-on relief

Imagine going to a quiet and serene place where there is relaxing music playing, soft-scented candles lit and all troubles seem far away. If this tranquil place seems out of reach, it is not; this place is on the corner of Wahnish Way and Osceola Street in Florida A&M University’s new Recreation Center. Licensed massage therapists Frantzley and Marvin Moise of Advanced Therapeutics offer massages in the Massage Room downstairs in the recreation center.

Both brothers graduated from FAMU in 2003 with bachelor’s degrees in health science.

According to the brothers, massage therapy has health benefits that everyone could use.

“If a person has even the slightest amount of stress, I recommend massage therapy. Stress-related illnesses are among the top killers of African Americans,” Frantzley Moise said.

Along with stress relief, Moise said massage therapy also provides relief from muscle tension and stiffness. Massage therapy also eases chronic pain, relieves tension-related headaches, strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, increases the capacity of clear thinking and improves range of motion.

The Touch Research Institute of the University of Miami School of Medicine has researched the effects of massage therapy. Some of the findings were that massages has been proven to lower aggression, increase alertness, decrease arthritic pain, increase air flow in people with asthma and decrease depression.

Tamiko Bradham, a junior criminal justice student from Orlando, is a client of Marvin Moise. Bradham met Moise through a spa party she attended at the Spa Escape and Retreat in Tallahassee.

Bradham said because of her hectic schedule, pampering herself is an absolute must. She explained that with school, work and home, there is daily tension and stress. Getting relaxed makes her school and home life easier.

“Massages are something that everyone should experience. It is one of those things that you should make time for,” Bradham said. “We only have one body, and with all the damage we do to it, it’s only fair to give our bodies the gift of massage.”Although massage therapy and its benefits aren’t new, more black people are beginning to realize the benefits of spa services.

In a study by Essence Magazine, 21 percent of blacks said they frequently get a massage.

Kimolyn Thomas, owner of the Spa Escape and Retreat, encourages all people to pamper themselves with spa services. Blacks have never really been “exposed” to the need to relax, rest or meditate, Thomas said. Blacks only know work and are constantly on the go, she said.

“We don’t feel that pampering ourselves is a necessity, especially if it costs,” Thomas said. “The Spa Escape is in the business of pampering, and we strive to give the guest a complete relaxation and pampering experience that they would remember and make them want to return,” she said.Thomas also said people spend each day catering to others through their jobs, daily home life and routines, and they tend to neglect themselves. “Pampering yourself is a way of rewarding yourself for a job well done.”

According to, The Spa Escape offers services such as a tension-relieving neck treatment, nourishing eye and lip treatment, hand massage, full body massage, gourmet meals, facials, meditation techniques, individual spa services and group spa services. These services can be given at the location of your choice.

People worrying about the costs of massages need not worry. Advanced Therapeutics offers discounted services as low as $10 to FAMU students, alumni and faculty.

“We are graduates of FAMU, so we understand how tight finances can be for students,” Frantzley Moise said. “This is why we offer special rates for students, and we are also talking with SGA about offering free massages to students in the future.” Both Thomas and Franztley Moise said people should put massages into their budget.

“Budget your massages like you would your light bill, car payment or other bills. Think of it as a good health bill,” Frantzley Moise said.

For more information on the Spa Escape and Retreat, call (850) 451-3875. To contact Advanced Therapeutics, call (850) 412-7281.