Name your price for Playstation 3

Today is Nov. 17, 2006. This may not be a significant day for most people not celebrating their birthday, but for gamers it is the debut of Sony’s Playstation 3.

In society it seems that everyone is trying to be the first at something. Everyone knows someone who had the latest version of Nike Air Jordan’s first or the first person in school with the newest and most expensive gadgets. Now, it’s Playstation 3.

With 256 MB XDR memory, graphics running at 550 MHZ and the ability to support seven wireless Bluetooth controllers, the new system sounds impressive even to those who don’t even know what these things are. But is it worth it?

Yes, but not now. Although this system has everything a gamer needs and would want, the costs of the PS3, aside from the $500 and $600, are not worth it.

People began waiting in line for their PS3s as early as Wednesday afternoon; standing in the rain and chill of the night, all for a game system. The reality of it is that many of these individuals may end up with no more than a rain check.The year the Playstation 2 debuted there were numerous near-fatal incidents resulting from those who purchased the item and those who were too late.

This type of behavior is sad and can be avoided with patience. By March, the PS3 will have more systems on sale so a lot of people won’t be left disappointed.

Material things are not worth risking your life just to be the first to have something.

Anthony Anamelechi for the Editorial Board.