Planners try to fix Insomnia mishap

In a follow-up to an Oct. 30 story, party planners for “Insomnia,” the failed early-morning homecoming afterparty held in Perry’s Lounge, are considering holding another party for ticketbuyers.

Mitch Brooks, a Florida A&M University graduate business administration student, holds the answers for disappointed Insomnia ticket holders.

Brooks, an executive director of the Green Pages student business directory, wanted to clear up the misconceived rumors of profit from tickets sold and comment on compensation for ticket holders.

“Mitch gave me $400 to rent out the club from 2 a.m. until 8 in the morning and then pre-sold tickets,” club owner Carlton Perry said about the party, which was scheduled to start early Oct. 29. “No contracts were made.”

But Brooks does not see things the way Perry said.

“There was indeed a contract between Perry and I,” Brooks said. “It explicitly stated the date and time in which the event was to be held. In addition to the contract with Perry, there were also separate contracts with each of the other hosts involved with the event.”

Brooks did not disclose profit margins, but he said this event’s failure helped no one.

Even though the first party failed, Brooks mentioned a compensation party to be held for Insomnia ticket holders.

“Due to the unfortunate events that occurred, I will be holding a good faith party for ticket holders and individuals who paid for the Insomnia party,” he said. “This party is solely charitable, and I will not see profit from this event. People paid to enjoy a party and that’s what I want to give them.”

Brooks did not disclose the details of the party.

A main factor in the homecoming party ending early was the city law that prevents clubs from serving alcohol after a certain time.

“It shall be unlawful for any owner or operator of a bottle club to allow any bottle club to remain open for the transaction of business of any kind between the hours of 2:30 a.m. and 6 a.m.,” Tallahassee City Ordinance 3-5 states.

This means that law officials can shut down any business with a liquor license after 2:30 a.m., even if liquor sales cease. This is a reason why most Tallahassee bars and restaurants close by 2 a.m. If a business does not close by that time, it can be subject to police intervention.

Eddie Seaton, a 21-year-old biology student from New Orleans who sold Insomnia tickets, does not think the party is enough.

“I sold about $250 worth of tickets for the Strike Team, and most of the people I know who purchased tickets want their money back,” Seaton said. “I don’t feel that one party makes up for the other because the whole reason people paid that price was because of homecoming.”

Seaton is a source from the Strike Team and does not represent the views of the other hosts.

The FAMU Strike Team was only one of the the event’s host. As listed on the ladies’ admission ticket, the additional hosts were the FAMU Caribbean Student Association, the XI Lambda Chapter of Theta Nu Xi, Florida State University CSA, Coast to Coast Entertainment and the Green Pages.