Veterans Day is too often ignored

This weekend, Americans around the country paused to honor people who served their country in times of war.

For some, Veterans Day was nothing more than a day off, to catch up on sleep, do homework or just party.

Despite your personal feelings on war, the men and women who fought to keep this country free deserve the respect and recognition that Veterans Day was set aside to achieve.

Unfortunately, many people choose to theoretically slap these brave people in the face because they let their hatred for war completely overpower the true meaning of this holiday.

They sit down during the Pledge of Allegiance, turn up their noses at people who have served and let their ignorance cloud the fact that the pledge and Veterans Day were not set up to glorify or support war – just the people whose duty it was to take part in it.

They forget that many of those veterans, many of whom could be their friends and family members, were just doing their job so that they would have the privilege to sit down during the pledge if they chose to do so – no matter how disrespectful it is.

America is still the most free country in the world.

People often say they would love to move to another country to escape what the government has done to America, yet they have not made any attempt to do so.

So before you ignore the sacrifices of those who have served – and currently serve – in the U.S. military, think about the day that could come when your friend, father, mother or even you gets sent to war. Think how it would feel to come home to people who could not care less.

Sidney Wright IV for the Editorial Board.