Skee-Phi Showcase brings greeks and campus together

On Thursday the men of the Beta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the ladies of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. hosted their annual Skee-Phi Showcase at 7 p.m. in Lee Hall Auditorium.

Ericka Hicks, a senior theater performance student from Miami, and Larry Ferguson, a senior business administration student from Charleston, hosted the show.

Hicks said there were several steps in preparing for the show.

“We held auditions in search of talent,” said Hicks, 21. “The next step included practices to make sure the talent was good enough to settle in the crowd, as well as being appropriate and entertaining.” The last steps consisted of finding a location, selling tickets, advertising and researching the Alpha Nation, Hicks added.

During the show the hosts recited a poem titled “Phirst Phamily,” which provided the audience with a brief history of the fraternity’s and sorority’s relationship.

“The show was something good as far as showing talent on campus,” said James Jones, 21, a senior business administration student from Philadelphia. Jones, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, said “the show was a good way for students to express themselves, as well as allowing the audience members to enjoy themselves.”

James Bland, a 20-year-old junior business administration student from Titusville, was one of the judges for the competition. He said the contestants were judged based upon specific criteria. “We judged based upon appearance, performance and delivery, crowd reaction and overall performance,” Bland said.

The show consisted of several performances. The acts included recitations of original pieces of poetry, singing, dancing and comedy. Members of the hosting sorority and fraternity collaborated to perform a step routine during the intermission. There was also a lyrical piece performed by the ladies of Essence Dance Theater.

The winner of the competition was LaShaun Tribble, also known as Omoragita Khepri. Tribble, 24, an alumna from Miami performed an a cappella version of “Loving You” by Minnie Ripperton.

Tribble was a 2004 graduate who majored in vocal music/voice and piano. She has been singing for 10 years and teaching voice and piano lessons for five years.

This was one of Tribble’s many her performances. She performed “Omoragita’s Fulfillment” July 14 at Amen Ra’s Bookshop. “My performance at Amen Ra’s was something that I’ve always wanted to do since graduating,” said Tribble. She said the show was a great success.

Tribble said she enjoyed performing and would love to do it again. “The audience was so warm,” said Tribble. She said she continues performing because “not only does she feed herself, she also feeds the audience.”

Tribble said winning the competition “means more than just confirmation that I am supposed to sing. It is my life’s purpose.” She was awarded a $200 cash prize. Those interested in voice or piano lessons can contact her at

Jasmine Powell, 18, a sophomore business administration student from Tacoma, Washington, said, “the show was great. I especially enjoyed the performance by Omoragita and the stepping performance by the Alphas and the AKAs.”

This event was just one of many presented during The Garden of Eden: Alpha Nation Week 2k6. “Genesis: In The Beginning…” Church Services was held Nov.5 at New Mt. Zion AME Church.

“Sweet Temptation” was Nov. 6. This included a student appreciation event and an Alpha Nation Faculty Mixer. “Eden” was Nov. 7 in the Café. “Tree of Life” consisted of a Black Business Exposition on Nov. 8. Following the Skee-Phi Showcase was “Repentance.” This included community service and a Nov. 10 barbecue at the Boys and Girls Club. The last event, “Revelations,” held Nov. 11, included “Forbidden Fruit,” a party at Baja’s Beach Club.