Teams reflect on cross country, prepare for track

The MEAC cross country championships mark the end of the cross country season, but it also means the indoor track season is very near. 

The men’s and women’s teams are eager to see what they can do. 

The better than expected finishes at the MEAC cross country championships provided the athletes with momentum and a positive outlook on the approaching indoor season. 

The men’s cross country team had three top 10 finishers, Brian Griffith, Brandon West and Carlos Franklin.  Griffith led the way among the Rattlers with a seventh-place finish.  The women’s team had one top 15 finisher, YaTandrea Burke. Jeanna Dorcelin and LaKendra Cunningham also finished with personal best times.

 What did you think of your team’s third place finish in the MEAC Championship cross country meet?

Griffith: I was pretty surprised. I know we had been doing pretty good, but at the beginning of the season we lost two of our top five runners. We were only two points away from second place. I wish we would have gotten those two points because that would have been the icing on the cake. Were you pleased with you performance in the meet? 

Griffith: I was somewhat pleased. As a senior I would have wanted to go out with a bigger bang, but I was happy. It was a pretty good closing to my college career in cross country. How will you prepare for the indoor season?

Griffith: Keep my distance training going because that is an essential part of our running. How do you feel about your team’s performance throughout the season?

West: I think we did very well considering we have a lot of new guys and a very young team. All of the guys ran to the best of their abilities.  What is your outlook on the indoor season?

West: We have a young team, but we do have a lot of talent so I am expecting we will place very high in the conference.  How did you feel about your team’s overall performance?

Burke: I think it was great.  Everybody put in 110 percent and great effort. Being the only representative for the women’s cross country team in the top 15, how did you feel about that?

Burke: It’s a big step up from last year and I know I still have a lot more. My coach is really pushing me this year. Who is your biggest competition in the indoor season?

Burke: Definitely Howard and Hampton. How will you prepare for the indoor season?

Burke: I will work a lot harder, both mentally and physically. How did you feel when you learned you set your personal best time at the meet?

Dorcelin: It felt good. I was kind of amazed because we didn’t really do any mileage, so I was basically using my skills and my heart to get through that race. What can you improve that will make you and your team better?

Dorcelin: My speed.  I think everybody is working on their speed too.  Once we get that down pack, since we already have our base, we will be good to go. How do you fee about the approaching indoor season?

Dorcelin: I’m very excited. The fact that I ran my personal best in cross country when I didn’t do that much mileage is good. I’m excited to know what I am going to do for track.