College can be hard to complete in four years

Many young adults are unaware of the dedication it takes to complete college. When you hear teens speaking of going away to college, it’s usually because of the massive number of students of the opposite sex, the party life or bragging rights to their peers.

On the other hand, there are some teens that understand college is a four-year commitment that could possibly require some extra years. However, only the most determined students actually take that chance and pursue their dreams.

Now here’s a question that I’m sure many high school students wonder about. Is getting through college in four years realistic, or should we allow ourselves some extra time? Realistically speaking, it is possible to graduate in four years if you’re content and satisfied with your major. 

If students become more responsible by enrolling for required classes early, they’ll be sure to graduate on time. It’s a task that can be finished if the student works hard for it without procrastination. 

And for students who complete college in four years, their work will be worth their while.  

Unfortunately, completing college in four years doesn’t always happen. And in some cases, not every individual will graduate when expected. 

Not graduating on time may be caused by technical reasons, such as needed classes not being offered during a certain semester or registering for classes late. 

Being irresponsible and lazy will most definitely decrease the chances of any student getting through college in a timely manner. 

Nine times out of 10, some students decide to change their major, thus prolonging their time at Florida A&M University. Allowing yourself some extra time may also be a good idea if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed or stressed. 

You may want to take a few classes at a community college or even minimize your class load. 

But if extra time may not be such a great idea for you, just relax and focus on your studies rather than your college experience.   Everyone, at some point or another, needs some time to just relax.

Because despite where you attend school or how long you’ve attended, it can still become stressful at times.

Who you are and how you handle situations truly determines if extra time is the right choice for you to take.

Just think about it.

Although finishing college in the amount of years that your major requires may seem difficult, it is a goal that we all should have.

Letitia Williams is a third-year biology student from Cocoa. She can be reached at