Group strives to bring awareness to black issues

The Student Alliance for Cultural Development is a campus organization that was reestablished at Florida A&M University earlier this semester.

Founded more than twenty years ago, SACD strives to cultivate the consciousness of the student body and shape more awareness about African history.

According to current members, the majority of the members in the past were upperclassmen, and as each class graduated there was a lack of leadership, and the organization eventually dissolved in the spring of 2004.

Amir Shabazz, a junior philosophy student from Fort Myers and the current president of SACD, was one of the youngest members of the organization at the time. “I left FAMU because I became disgusted with the lack of conscious environment,” Shabazz said.

However, Shabazz later returned and realized that the organization no longer existed.

He then submitted the necessary paperwork to make the organization an official group on campus once again.

Shabazz said the organization is doing better than ever.

The organization usually has approximately 32 members excluding the officers in attendance at the meetings.

In the future the organization hopes to work with other groups to take action on issues concerning the black community. “We want to work with other organizations on campus,” said Shabazz. “We are not elitists, and in the end we want to help the community. We don’t just talk about it, we are a solution based organization.”

SACD has undertaken numerous community service projects, campus events and is working on a petition to get incarcerated individuals reading materials.

The SACD however, is not solely focused on the community. The organization believes that in addition to helping others, they must also help themselves. “We are a family first,” Shabazz said

After meetings, members of the SACD go to another member’s house and have “Vibe sessions.” This is a time for members to interact with one another outside of the serious setting the organization provides. Shabazz said: “We order pizzas, freestyle, watch movies and just hang out for the whole night. It’s a way to have fun and stay out of trouble.”

“The student body really appreciates what we are doing,” Shabazz said. “A lot of them don’t know that the organization exists, but when people hear about it they come. The students have really welcomed the organization back on campus.”

Tiffanie Cash, a freshman criminal justice and biology student from St. Louis said, “I had never heard of the organization before, but it sounds like something I would definitely love to be a member of.”

Most members of the organization said they joined after hearing about the organization through word of mouth.

Members of SACD said they realize the need for community involvement.

They also realize that a large number of problems in the Tallahassee community can be solved if FAMU students would reach out and help.

Shabazz said, “FAMU students, and other students of color, forget the goal. We get our degrees and move on instead of helping our community. We need to give back instead of being so capitalistic.”

Earnest Davis a freshman, general studies student from Jacksonville agrees.

“That’s so true. We always move forward and progress, and yet we forget about the people who got us there. I had never heard of SACD before, but if people have knowledge like that, it’s definitely something I would love to be a member of.”

For information on the SACD students may visit the organizations group on facebook or email any questions to