Five years strong, iPod justly celebrates

There were many before it, but after its inception, there have been none like it and none better.

October marks the fifth birthday for the famed iPod and all of its musical convenience.

While Apple wasn’t the first company to delve into the digital world of MP3 technology (Eiger Labs developed the MP3Man in 1998), it was the first to make its brand synonymous with the MP3.

It started as a five-gigabyte promise to put “1,000 songs in your pocket.” But after five years, it became a small rectangle entertainment source, giving users the opportunity to enjoy not only tens of thousands of their favorite tunes, but movie clips and the videos to coincide with the songs that we love.

It’s more than a happy birthday for the iPod, it is a chance for the world to thank the good folks at Apple. They managed to build a product that made a convenience a near necessity. No longer do consumers have to wade through a vast CD collection to find their favorite song. All it takes is a quick scroll of your finger and the song is there for your listening pleasure.

Simply put, the iPod is a genius franchise that should be lauded for its technological prowess and the ability to reach the public.

Rumors of advancements to the iPod linger, all of which are welcomed.

Touch screens?

An Ipod cell phone?

Whatever Apple develops, they have proven that they can keep the masses bobbing their heads and enjoying their Ipod experience.

Hopefully the next five years will be as pleasant to the ears as the last five.

Akeem Anderson for the editorial board.