Homecoming is no excuse for student conduct to fall

It is that time of year again.

It’s the time where people pull out each orange and green article of clothing they own in order to become the ultimate Florida A&M University Rattler.

It is the time when alumni come back to the Hill carrying pom-poms and wearing FAMU straw hats to re-live their collegiate moments.

Campus is adorned in that special way with decorative streamers at every corner and students enjoying the true essence of FAMU. It’s also a time for students to take advantage of all the money we contribute to student activities by making it our business to attend all the planned events.

Homecoming is a momentous occasion for everyone, especially students, but there is one thing we cannot forget-the fact that we are still students.

Many see this week as just a time to avoid class at all costs. Some see it as a time to dance and lounge on The Set all day or stay in the clubs all night every day of the week.

But we cannot neglect our responsibilities as students.

We owe it to our parents, communities, families and ourselves to excel in our studies despite the festive distractions that may be happening.

Many of us have invested thousands of dollars in our education at FAMU, and to let a few days of merriment deter us from our roles as students is ridiculous.

We must strive to do our best in our academics year-round- even during homecoming.

Yewande Addie for the Editorial Board.