Hamilton becomes newest addition to the royal court

After Cyrah Hawkins lost the struggle to retain the title of Mr. Florida A&M University, Phillip Hamilton became the new Mr. FAMU.

On Oct. 18 in the Grand Ballroom, Hamilton was introduced to the royal court as Mr. FAMU during practice for coronation.

Hamilton, 22, a pharmacy student from Miami, said Electoral Commissioner Darien Moses contacted Hamilton in late September after Hawkins was issued a writ of injunction to ask if he was interested in the position of Mr. FAMU

According to Student Body Constitution Article VI, Section 5, the runner-up from the spring election can fill the vacancy if the current Mr. FAMU becomes unable to serve.

If Hamilton had been unable to serve, then a special election could have been held if approved by two-thirds of the senate.

An official grade check was done to ensure that Hamilton was eligible to be Mr. FAMU.

This was done before Hawkins’s trial began.

Hamilton said the electoral commissioner informed him there were precautionary measures that had to be dealt with, meaning the appeals process.

Moses, 21, a fourth-year business administration student from Boynton Beach, said he received notices from the student supreme court and his job was to notify Hamilton.

Hamilton said he is excited about being Mr. FAMU.

“One thing I’ve learned is that God doesn’t always give you everything you want when you want it,” Hamilton said. “This was a learning experience, but God puts people where he wants them in the end.”

Royal Court Adviser Nathaniel Holmes said he contacted Hamilton Oct. 18 to congratulate him on becoming Mr. FAMU.

“I think the students did an excellent job of going through the judicial process,” Holmes said.

Holmes said he does not anticipate any more problems with Mr. or Miss FAMU performing their duties.

“I think Stephanie has already done a wonderful job despite the issues that have occurred since her reign,” Holmes said. “I think Cyrah would have done an excellent job had he not encountered the academic problems that he did. All three are outstanding students.”

The incident with Hawkins initiated when Holmes brought the issue to the attention of the senate.

“I reported to the senate the academic shortcomings, and the senate took it from there,” Holmes said.

Hamilton said the things he most emphasized on his platform are almost over, such as recruiting during football season.

“We will have to go back to the drawing board and think of things I want to do,” Hamilton said.

One of his goals is to focus more on recruitment in Leon County.

“We often tend to forget about our immediate Tallahassee community when we recruit,” Hamilton said. “I want to continue to leave a lasting legacy that other Mr. FAMUs have left.”

Hamilton will be in the royal court’s coronation Thursday.