Cheap alternatives for shallow pockets

It is Friday night. But most importantly, it is the Friday of homecoming weekend and you want to go out.

All of your friends are getting their outfits together to hit one of the many homecoming parties, but your bank account is showing insufficient funds. Somehow, you still haven’t received your net check, and your funds are limited.

You are faced with a major dilemma. You can either stay at home while all of your friends party their hearts out or come up with a frugal way to have a good time.

For whatever the reason, there are people who lack the funds to indulge in what some may call an expensive week of fun.

Everyday this week, there is a different event. Some of them are free, but the majority of them are not. Prices for each event range from about $5 – $50, which is pretty expensive if you plan to partake in an event per day – in most cases more than one event per day.

However, there are inexpensive alternatives, ones beyond the traditional club scene, for students that will make your homecoming enjoyable and memorable.

Other things you can do:

• Rent or go to a movie

• Go to the “let out” with some of your friends and hang out

• Go to a free house party or try to get to some of the parties early to get in free

• Go to the mall and walk around because you’re guaranteed to see people you know

• Go to the Haunted House

• Invite some friends over to your house and have a small get together