Government warns of game-day threat

Usually, we are on the edge of our seats on NFL game days in hopes of not seeing any serious sports injuries. But Sunday, we were hoping to not see our favorite team or their fans get blown to Timbuktu.

That’s because according to The Associated Press, the Department of Homeland Security sent an advisory to the NFL and local officials warning them of a possible uncorroborated bomb threat against seven NFL stadiums.

The threat, posted on the Internet, alleged that dirty bombs could have been used Sunday against stadiums in the following cities: Miami, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Cleveland and Oakland, Calif.

The threat has since been ruled a hoax.

Some believe the government was aware ahead of time that Sept. 11 had the potential to occur, just as they knew about the threat of possible attacks against football stadiums on Sunday. Whether they knew then or not is not the topic of the discussion.

The government was warned about Sunday’s possible attacks and we are pleased they announced to the public that a possible terrorist attack was to occur.

If the government knows in advance about a possible terror attack on U.S. soil, the least they should do is let the public know. We are applauding DHS for alerting us that we might have been in harm’s way this Sunday.

Do not be nervous this Sunday or any upcoming Sunday because DHS has our best interest at heart.

We all should sit back and relax Sunday and watch some football.

Siraaj Sabree for the editorial board.