Knowledge should be students’ armor

Who wants to be taken advantage of?

Are you standing in the long line for “Choose me; I don’t know anything?”

Well, if so, it is time to remove yourself from that line.

Students must immediately begin to self-educate themselves about federal, state, and local laws, and how the legislative process operates.

A CNN TV segment titled “Shoot to Kill,” which aired Saturday and Sunday, was an investigative piece about what really went down with New Orleans Police in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

It questioned if some NOPD officers took the “shoot to kill” orders to an extreme.

Apparently, the “shoot to kill” orders came after there was an increase in aggressive looters.

The segment illustrated how some officers became “trigger happy” and allegedly killed innocent, unarmed people.

For instance, an unarmed mentally disabled man was shot and killed in the back when police responded to a report of gunfire on a bridge.

Although, the investigation is still pending, the facts are the victim had no criminal record and the autopsy results directly conflicted with the police account.

In fact, CNN had sued the coroner of Orleans Parish in order to have access to the autopsy report. What was there to hide?

CNN was able to inform the public about this matter because its employees knew the laws, rights and privileges of public records.

People should function more like a reporter, and know what you legally have access to.

Understand the power of the law.

Mia Small for the Editorial Board.