Boosters form student branch to raise funds

During Florida A&M University’s annual Parent Weekend, a new organization called Rattlers Investing Ten Annually attempted to unite families and the community by hosting FAMU Family Fun Day.

The Family Fun Day event aimed “to get the community involved and aware of what’s going on at the university,” said Krystal Wilson, a second-year MBA student from Monticello.

The event consisted of baseball and softball games, sack races, face painting, kickball and jump rope.

“The turnout was fair, less than expected, but what really mattered was that everyone still had a good time,” said Yolanda Adams, 22, a junior healthcare management student from Jacksonville and RITA member.

RITA’s events are geared toward the community and students “to build the whole Rattler spirit,” Wilson said.

Adams added that the Family Fun Day event had a “main goal of generating funds but was to celebrate African American families as well.”

“FAMU and family connect because we are a university, and we are a part of this community,” Wilson said.

“They intertwine, and we want to serve our community. This will give them something to be proud of,” continued Wilson.

RITA is an organization “for the students, by the students.” It is a division of the FAMU Boosters, a group that raises money for the athletic programs and scholarships at the university.

The purpose of this organization is to give students an opportunity to assist with raising money for the university. The money made from RITA’s events will go toward athletic programs and scholarships.

Prospective events for RITA will be a talent show and another Family Fun Day.

Adams said she believes in the importance of fundraising.

“By raising money for scholarships it will re-ensure the athletic department that they have student supporters,” Adams said. “There is nothing like students helping students.”

Adams also said one main ambition of RITA members is to remain driven.

“To join, all one needs is to be driven,” Adams said.

Members must also pay a $10 new membership fee.

RITA members said the difference between the Boosters and RITA is that the Boosters cater to an older generation and RITA caters to current students.

Adams said it would be best for others to try to join because “there is nothing like students helping students.”

RITA members said the organization is looking for people who want to assist the university.

“RITA’s purpose is to generate funds for all athletic teams and to stabilize them because of cuts of athletics programs and create more athletic scholarships,” Wilson said.

Zlzora Knight, 21, a senior architecture student, said the idea for RITA came from Mickey Clayton, director of booster relations, who thought that students should be supportive of the university and its athletic program.

Because RITA has only hosted its first event, monetary goals have not yet been established. However, RITA has goals to make a solid impact on athletic funds in the near future.

“RITA’s main goal for this year is to get to be known so that when next year rolls around students will try to be involved in helping other students” Knight said.

Wilson said she believes that RITA will one day be extraordinary. “Once we get going, it’s going to be amazing.”

For information on becoming involved with RITA, visit the or call (850) 224-6093.