Military openly discriminates against gays

The topic of homosexuals serving in the military has been a controversial issue for years. In the past, investigations were held to determine whether a military officer was homosexual. If the military suspected a person was gay, they would face discharge.

After the implementation of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law during the Clinton administration, the military stopped asking questions regarding soldiers’ sexual preference. However, if a person is openly gay or is caught engaging in homosexual activities, they will still be discharged.

Is it that deep? If a gay person wants to serve in the military, we say let them.

This week, gay rights organizations have been protesting and fighting for the right for open gay individuals to serve in the military. These organizations say that laws regarding gays serving in the military are the most blatant display of government discrimination.

Apparently there are a number of homosexual men and women that would like to display their patriotism and loyalty by serving their country but are turned away because they refuse to mask their sexual preferences.

This is just plain stupid.

Why would the government turn away someone who is willing to help them. The military should be willing to accept anyone who will fight in this ridiculous war. There are too many people oversees who don’t want to be there. Let’s bring home some of these people who were forced to serve and send those who are eager to serve right over.

Tauheedah Shukriyyah Asad for the editorial board.