Co-ed intermingling brings university out of dark ages

Eureka! After years of not being able to have visitors of the opposite sex in dorm rooms at Florida A&M University, it finally happened. Well, at least for a weekend.

Friday through Sunday, between the hours of 1-6 p.m., dorm residents were allowed to have co-ed visitation.

While the change of protocol was only in place for Parent’s Weekend, it was definitely a milestone for FAMU housing.

When is the administration going to lift this whole, no co-ed inter-room visitation thing anyway? What is it about historically black colleges and universities that simply refuses to step into reality and out of the dark ages?

How many times have you been reminded that you are now an adult, no one is going to hold your hand and you have to deal with the consequences of your actions? Evidently, these life lessons apply to everything except interpersonal relationships if you live on campus. Is it possible that a change in the rule could help foster positive relationships between men and women? Oh right, black people don’t need help in that area.

No one is saying that visitors should be able to spend the night. Everyone knows those twin beds are too small for that. But a few hours; come on, what’s the big deal? Imagine being able to have a group meeting in the comfort of your room or inviting your homeboy or homegirl over just to chill. Not everyone would use the opportunity to have sex. Besides, that’s what Tucker Hall is for.

Alaythia C. Burkins for the editorial board