Marching ‘100’ will go to both classics, director tells senate

Among things discussed at Monday’s student senate meeting was Journey magazine’s request for additional Activities and Service Funding and a writ of injunction issued to former Mr. Florida A&M University Cyrah Hawkins.

Julian White, band director of the Marching 100, also came forward to address the recent bad publicity the band has received.

On Friday, Hawkins, who was elected Mr. FAMU last spring, was issued a writ of injunction. Senate President Ebony Ivory said the writ of injunction states: “The Student Supreme Court has since received official documents stating that Hawkins is ineligible to hold (the) position of Mr. Florida A&M University. Therefore, this serves as a writ of injunction to be effective immediately to Hawkins prohibiting him from holding the title and position of Mr. FAMU.”

Ivory also said Hawkins has the option to appeal but wasn’t sure if he had appealed yet. Ivory also said that, “he would have to appeal to the Student Supreme Court.”

The senate briefly discussed the possibilities of the runner-up being considered for the position of Mr. FAMU. However, his eligibility is currently being determined.

White also came before the student senate to address the recent negative light that has been shined on the Marching 100.

He said some members of the band “used poor discretion” in their decision to take things from the hotel in Detroit. White also said the fact that “they approached the hotel,” when it was discovered that things were taken.

“We lost a number of band members,” White said. But, he said he does not think that it will alter the band’s performance. “Our quality is not dependent upon quantity.”

White showed appreciation to the senate for continuing to fund them through A&S. The band director said the band is performing at both the Atlanta and Orlando Classics, but the band probably will not attend the Honda Battle of the Bands.

Among members of the senate, questions arose as to whether the Band would need all of the funds that they were allocated for the year since the number of band of members had decreased.

White asked if the senate would allow them to keep the funds the band was allocated because they are much needed.

Ivory said it is something that could be considered but does not seem like something that would be an issue.

Journey editor in chief, Ebonie Ledbetter, and business manager, Kristin Taylor, told the senate the magazine needs more A&S funding. The objective is to increase the number of copies printed and improve the circulation of the magazine.

Ledbetter said the magazine is in need of an extra $1500 this semester. One of their main goals is to increase the production of magazines from 5000 to 9000 copies per issue.

The reason they desire to increase the amount of copies is because there are not enough magazines for the amount of students on campus.

They also want to use some of the funds for more magazine racks to improve the circulation.

In the meeting, the senate also passed bill SB06F-001, which explains the Election Code Copyright Infringement Protection. After a third reading of the bill, the senate passed it.

The indemnification agreement that candidates will have to sign states that “Florida A&M University expressly prohibits the use of any copyrighted material or working trademark or service mark without expressed and/or written consent from the owner(s).”

Mellori Lumpkin, senate pro-tempore, said she hopes this forces candidates to be more creative with their campaigns.