Disappointing hazing editorial based on “heresy”

I am very disappointed to read an opinions story from the Editorial Board that is filled with such negativity and non-support of our fellow Famuans.

In one breath, you state that you are not here to judge guilty or not guilty, but the undertone of this entire article is a judgment.

Obviously, a jury of six people were unable to determine serious bodily injury because there is no precedent for a case like this.

The Kappas are being used as guinea pigs to test out a new law that is incredibly vague.

If there were consistencies in Jones’ testimony and proof that his serious bodily injury was not exaggerated, I am 100 percent certain the verdict would reflect that.

You examined past articles from the Democrat, but did you examine the court transcripts?

How can you criticize the justice system based on articles that were written when the case broke first?

My advice, as a fellow journalist, is to have all the facts and do the proper research before you publish your opinion about such a personal matter.

You have people’s lives in limbo over this situation and have shown no sensitivity to what the students of our university have endured. Before you criticize a jury, consider the fact that you don’t know everything that took place.

All you know is what you heard. And thankfully heresy does not stand up in court.

Amber Moore is a FAMU alumna and Los Angeles native. She was a public relations student.