Seminars to be held for journalists, designers

Distinguished members of the Board of Visitors for the Florida A&M University School of Journalism and Graphic Communication are hosting professional development seminars for journalism and graphic design students Thursday.

This is a chance for students to receive self-improvement, career and internship information.

The Board of visitors consists of individuals from the academic and professional communities. These representatives represent the school of journalism as partners on the road to excellence.Board member Mike Cooney, director of human resources for the PGA Tour, said students should take advantage of this type of opportunity.

“It gives them an inside look from my side of the desk to what companies are looking for,” Cooney said.

Planning is one of the many topics Cooney plans on addressing.

“In all honesty, work is only part of your life. You must plan.”Students tend to just chase a company’s name and they chase money in hopes of getting that perfect job, but when it comes down to it, you have to be happy,” Cooney said.

Twelve-year veteran to the board of visitors, James Mallory, managing editor of initiatives and operations at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, is excited about the seminars at FAMU.

“I have a great interest for student development,” Mallory said.Mallory will discuss such issues as making the next step and transitioning after college.

“Students need to know how to make the transition from college to the workplace,” Mallory said.Many students are eager to see what information they will obtain from the professional development opportunities.

“I am graduating this semester, and I’m looking forward most to the job opportunities they have to offer,” said Mildred Louis, a senior public relations student from Miami.

Louis also explained that all students should make themselves available to attend these seminars.

“Anything can come from this. At the least I could get some of the best mentors a person could ask for, and at the most I’ll leave with a job opportunity,” Louis said.

The professional development seminars are taking place from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the SJGC building.

The event allows juniors and seniors to sign up for individual portfolio and resume critiques. In the sessions, students will get an one-on-one opportunity to network and learn key information from industry insiders.

Of the 21 members of the SJGC board of visitors, nine will be hosting seminars, including Nissa Walton-Booker, recruitment manager of ABC News, and Princell Hair, executive vice president and general manager of CNN/US.

For a complete list of attendees, visit the SJGC Web site.