Recent child births should make women consider pill

According to our tabulations, supplemental security income is going to be a hot topic in 2071 – at least, it will be in Tallahassee. That will be the year when all of Leon County’s babies today will become eligible for SSI.

In case you did not know, there has been an influx of newborns in Tallahassee this year, according to the amount of deliveries happening at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. In October alone, more than 60 little ones have opened their eyes for the first time in TMH’s Women’s Pavilion, and a record-breaking 434 babies were delivered in September.  

We knew we were not delusional; we witnessed an outstanding increase in the number of pregnant women this year. We assumed that the conception idea was making a strong comeback.

But we could not help but to notice that Tallahassee is becoming more and more peculiar as the years go by.

First, women began wearing Eskimo boots in the Sunshine State of all places; now they seem to be more pro-life than ever before. Tallahassee will be even more bizarre if this boom continues.

Plan B, the morning-after pill, can now be purchased over the counter. This allows quicker access for women wanting to prevent the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy.

“Over three million unintended pregnancies occur each year,” said Dr. Carole Ben-Maimon, president of Barr Research.

We are not here to advocate contraception; we are only stating some facts and trying to raise awareness of the phenomenon that is occurring.

Siraaj Sabree for the Editorial Board.