Deltas celebrate center’s renovation

The Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is giving back to the community by helping renovate the Frenchtown Boys and Girls Club of America.

Saturday kicked off the fourth annual Collegiate Jabberwock Scholarship Program community service initiative, Project G.R.O.W.T.H.: Enhancing the Frenchtown Boys and Girls Club, hosted by the Deltas.

Club workers and volunteers put the finishing touches on the newly renovated BGCA in the sector of Tallahassee known as Frenchtown.

Jake Hatcher, director of the Frenchtown Boys and Girls Club, said he is overjoyed about the community service project.

“It’s greatly appreciated. Anything anyone can offer to assist the program is appreciated,” Hatcher said.

Two volunteers, Ingrid Johnson, a junior health science/pre-physical therapy student from Tallahassee, and Marissa Jasmin, a junior biology/ pre-dentistry student from Tallahassee, said it feels wonderful to be involved in giving back to the community. Jasmin and Johnson also said that children are the future, and it is important for children to have positive influences in their life at an early age.

The children were excited to have an abundance of new arts and crafts, new educational games and snacks that the Deltas and other participants obtained through donations from various places throughout the Tallahassee and surrounding areas.

Vida Sheffield, a senior medical social work student from Pensacola, said the children are overjoyed with the work that has been done.

“A lot of students are excited and ecstatic about the fact the effort was put forth to revitalize the Boys and Girls Club,” Sheffield said.

She explained that the children were not the only ones pleased by the project; parents were equally as excited. The day was filled with gardening, literacy awareness, a self-esteem session, the presentation of a mural, dancing and games.

Participants said the gardening portion of the event symbolized space and growth and also the importance of agriculture. It was also a display of cultivation and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature, explained Ashley Butterfield, a junior zoology student from Cocoa, who was in charge of the gardening portion.

Ja’Kim, a first grade Frenchtown BGCA participant said, “My favorite part is planting the seeds.”

Another portion of the day involved literacy awareness. Reading, writing and communication skills were the focal point of this session.

The self-esteem part of the day was centered on the importance of self-worth, personal achievements and strengths and weaknesses, just to name a few.

At the end of this session the children made a picture frame and a chain of the children’s talents.

Jenelle Griffiths, a third-year pharmacy student from Miami, said, “We are teaching the different components of self-esteem and boosting them for the event.”

Griffiths said the kids inspire her to keep being active with the BGCA.

Takaiya Edmond, a first grader, enjoyed the self-esteem session most of all.

“I liked making the picture frame the best,” Edmond said.The day also included an olympics section.

Shardia Washington, a junior occupational therapy student from Jacksonville, said that section of the day was a time for the children to have fun. Prizes were given out to every one, and the importance of sportsmanship was stressed.

The event was in coordination with the Colligate Jabberwock Scholarship initiative. The Jabberwock Scholarship Fundraiser focuses on the Deltas’ mission.

The program was developed in conjunction with the Delta’s Five-Point Program Thrust: physical and mental health, educational development, economic development, international awareness and involvement and political awareness and involvement.