Verdict for Hawkins was just and fair

“It would be absurd for the petitioner to be allowed to serve in the capacity of Mr. FAMU with a grade point average below the par due to the language of the statutes,” said Chief Justice Kendra Rich when she announced the verdict and fate of former Mr. Florida A&M University Cyrah Hawkins.

After I saw Hawkins, in a fit of rage, run out of the chambers screaming, “I will appeal this in the Office of Student Affairs,” I looked at the entire situation differently.

Whitney Murray, the SGA attorney general, said it best when she stated that a “FAMU Man” is a man of integrity, merit and academic achievement.

Also, when I heard her say that, I realized the decision made by the FAMU Supreme Court was just and fair.

When it came down to it, Hawkins lacked the GPA to serve in the position.

There’s no contesting that fact.

For goodness’ sake, the statute states that a 2.8 cumulative GPA is required to hold office.

Although Cyrah won the Mr. FAMU election, it takes more than a wave and smile to recruit talented students.

It will take the recruiter to be an example, especially in the classroom.

How could the poster boy for FAMU students suggest other students excel in school and concentrate on their curricular activities when he’s not practicing what he’s preaching?

Although a 2.733 is not a horrible grade point average, it’s not the best.

Cyrah, if remained Mr. FAMU, would symbolically represent every man in the university. I initially didn’t have any problem with that.

However, when the verdict was announced, Rich explained the option Hawkins had to appeal the decision. His actions were completely unruly and out of order.

Instead of being self-effacing and unpretentious, he chose to stand up, yell in a boisterous manner and storm out of the chambers.

A FAMU Man should also be a man of humility.

Whispers of his reaction to the verdict rang through the hallways of SGA and phone lines all night until the next afternoon.

The FAMU Supreme Court’s decision needs to be respected. It’s their job to do so. Hopefully, a situation like this will never happen again.

Nyerere Davidson is a senior public relations student from Milwaukee, Wis. He can be reached at