Blacks should celebrate black history all year long

According to a recent report in the Tallahassee Democrat, The Institute of Museum and Library Sciences has planned to award $150,000 to the Riley House-sponsored Florida African-American Museums Exchange Project.”

It makes us feel good to know that people value our history and culture enough to invest in supporting awareness among the public. History moves people to avoid the mistakes of the past and helps us as a people strive to supersede the efforts of historical giants.

Through exhibits in black history and various cultural programs that reflect our past, we are able to acquire and strengthen a sense of pride in ourselves.

Although Florida A&M University makes it mandatory for students to take a black history course, learning goes beyond a semester of lectures and tests. Learning comes from earnest attempts to seek information on the historical movers and shakers of previous decades.

Let’s not limit ourselves to black history month or wait until another significant leader dies.

It’s not about wearing the shirts and commercializing history so much that we strip its authenticity. It’s about making our history an ever-present feature of our culture.

Why not absorb what we can now and celebrate the lives and achievements of our leaders. Why not pave the way and project successful archetypes for the future.

Yewande Addie for the editorial board.