Yankees should take the crown

As the MLB playoffs loom, there is only one thing that is for sure. The New York Yankees will enjoy October, mainly because they’ll win the World Series at the end of the month.After six years worth of early exits from the playoffs, it looks like the Bronx Bombers will finally hoist the MLB’s most coveted piece of hardware.Here’s why.

Nobody can pitch to the Yankee’s lineup successfully for seven games

No really, they can’t. Even the best pitcher in the league would struggle to contain the dangerously potent Yankee lineup, which is chock full All- Stars. Johnny Damon is the leadoff hitter for the offensively talented group. If you manage to keep him off base, you still have to pitch to Derek Jeter. If that’s not enough, mid-season acquisition and former home run derby champ Bobby Abreu is on deck. And remember, you haven’t pitched to Gary Sheffield, Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez, and…you get the point.

The Yankees roster has plenty of playoff experience

Even though they haven’t been to the World Series in six years, the team has reached the playoffs in each of those dormant years. Veterans like Jeter, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera have been here before. After taking their division title by 10 games, look for the Yankees to come in poised and ready to bring a championship back to New York.

Mariano Rivera still wears pinstripes

In case anyone forgot, the decade’s best closer is still a Yankee. Rivera owns a pristine 0.81 postseason ERA. To put it in the simplest terms – Rivera is lights-out in October. With Rivera’s late season injury, Joe Torre said he plans to use Rivera for ninth inning appearances. Considering the Yankess dangerous lineup, Rivera should enjoy some healthy ninth inning leads anyway.

Randy Johnson is healthy. OK, he’s healthy enough

The Big Unit had some late season health issues, but he had clearance to pitch heading into the postseason. His 5.00 ERA isn’t the most flattering stat, but Johnson is still Johnson – one of the game’s all time great pitchers.

A championship is due in the BronxThe added pressure of the six-year absence of a championship trophy should give the Yankees some extra motivation to win the World Series. Just ask Mr. Steinbrenner who has spent $1 billion of his earned money to make sure that happens.Much to the chagrin of those ubiquitous Yankee haters, the team is primed to make confetti rain in Times Square. With an unbelievable potent batting order and a healthy pitching staff, the Yankees could potentially beat anybody sitting across from their dugout.

Akeem Anderson is a sophomore newspaper journalism student from Chicago. He can be reached at thefamuansports@hotmail.com.