Students who tend to hate should learn to change habits

People say it is okay to get your bachelor’s degree, but it is better if you go beyond that and obtain a master’s or doctorate degree.

That whole topic is up for discussion… just not this discussion. How come they never mention anyone coming out of college with a P.H.D. – player hatin’ degree?

Do not suck your teeth as if I am speaking of something that does not exist. There are people that make a profession out of hatin’.

A hater, someone who is hating, is a term used to denote someone who is jealous or envious of another’s success.Let’s say you are riding in your 15-year-old car – the one that is missing three hubcaps and leaking everything that a car can leak.

You stop at a red light and a 2007 Mercedes without rims larger than 20 inches pulls beside you, if you think or say “that is not a nice car; it doesn’t even have rims on it,” you are a hater.

Quit hating! There is not a day that goes by that I do not hear somebody getting put down who does not deserve to be.

Some people are so disgusted with what they do not have that they must belittle those who have it.

Why should you criticize someone for having something that you cannot get?

It is a shame when somebody who can’t afford cable comes to your apartment that has cable and tries to poke fun at the fact that you don’t have HBO.

Hating on someone must make haters feel better about what they don’t have or haven’t accomplished.

If the same person in your math class always answers all of the questions the professor asks don’t hate. Don’t think in your head, “that (expletive) ain’t smart…I can count too, one, two, three, so what!”

Don’t talk bad about “what’s-his-name” because DeVonkisha chose to date him instead of you. Obviously he has something about himself that she wanted that you don’t have.

I remember a story I heard about a guy who shot one of his classmates. According to what I was told he shot him because he had a better-looking car that was getting all the attention. That’s an extreme version of hating but it is hatin’ nonetheless. Congratulate, don’t hate.

If your friend got hired for the job that you both applied for, and you did not, be happy for your friend. Don’t worry, you will get at least four functional speakers one day, until then try not to make your friend feel bad for buying six Wal-Mart brand speakers instead of Pioneers.

I don’t have the time or the energy to dedicate to minimizing those who have achieved something that I want and have not yet gotten.

Rather than hatin’ on that person, one should try and investigate to find out the steps that the successful person took in order to get there too.

Siraaj Sabree is a junior newspaper student from Miami. He can be reached at