School shootings causing new headache

School in America used to be a place where students simply received a general education.

Parents were concerned with their children bringing home acceptable grades.

Currently, it seems as if both parents and students share a common problem: Will the school be gunned down today?

It’s ridiculous that students in our schools have become victims of heinous crimes.

Whatever happened to being able to attend a pep rally without feeling uneasy because someone called in a bomb threat.

In the past week, three shootings have taken place in schools across our country.

The latest shooting occurred on Monday Oct. 2, in Paradise, Pa., where 32-year-old Charles Carl Roberts IV killed four girls and executed seven others, and then killed himself in a one-room Amish school house.

Friday Sept. 29, 15-year-old Eric Hainstock was taken into custody and charged with murder as an adult for fatally shooting his principle after struggling with adults and other students at Weston High School in Cazenovia, Wis. And another disturbing incident happened Thursday Sept. 28, at Platte County High School in Bailey, Colo., where six female students were held hostage and molested by 53-year-old Duane Morrison who later killed himself and one of the hostages.

Fortunately, the Bush administration will host a conference next week were the issue of school violence across the country will be discussed.

Whether the issue will be solved is another story.

Hopefully our government will discern that it needs to allow prayer back in our public schools.

Until then, our country needs to pull together and pray that our schools would not be a place of hate, but a place where students can receive a higher education to better our society.

Brent Hatchett for the editorial board.