Real World prospects do not need MTV for self worth

We all know that some people will do or say just about anything in order to get their 15 minutes of fame. But some television hopefuls’ behaviors simply cross the line.

On Sunday, MTV’s reality show “The Real World” held an open casting call at Baja’s Beach Club. People of all types came out of the woodwork for a chance to have their lives broadcast on national TV.

Pitted together like a pack of wild, hungry dogs fighting over a fresh slab of meat, some of the prospective TV stars verbally fought each other for the spotlight during group interviews. It seemed as though most contenders played follow the leader. One aspirant would tell the casting crew some heart-wrenching tale or bizarre fact about himself, and then the rest of the contenders would follow suit by regaling the crew with an even more peculiar fact or story.

Unfortunately, it seems as though you have to create a new persona on the spot in order to be deemed a fascinating person suitable for TV.

And there was so much schmoozing and derrière kissing going on between contestants and crew members that anyone could have easily mistaken the casting call for a bunch of IGs at a Greek event.

We all know that it is a great opportunity to be on television, but it’s not worth showcasing a fake personality, sporting a gimmick or verbally fighting to the death in order to get a piece of the spotlight.

Everybody should remember that they are interesting in their own way; they do not need MTV to validate their feelings of self worth.

Gheni Platenburg for the Editorial board