Most people want more from their partners in relationships

While sitting on a bench in front of Jones Hall, my friends and I were engaged in a conversation about college men and women and relationships.

As so eloquently expressed by one of my guy friends, college women are very picky when it comes to choosing a person to become involved with. Even before they ask your name, he said, they ask, “What is your major?” And from your answer, they decided whether or not they want to continue the conversation.

One of my female friends added that college men are just the same. They only want to be with women who are actually trying to make something of themselves and are about something more than their looks.

“But wait a minute,” she said, “Is that not a universal notion for all college students?”

It is a widely known fact that when we decided to come to college, we made the conscious decision that by coming here, we will make a positive impact in our lives, communities and the world through our education. As such, when it comes time to settle down, choosing a person with the same ambitions and goals should be right at the top of the list, right?

As I started to think about that question some more, I began to wonder if college men and women have higher expectations for their future husbands and wives than those who are not in school?

Just think about it.

Since I am focusing on my education at this time, something that many students have decided to do, when it is time for me to date, I don’t think I should have to settle for anything other than a mature individual who knows what he wants. He should either have his life together or is actively working toward making his goals reality.

For example, if you have spent four years in undergrad, two or three years in graduate school or four years in medical school, it just seems wise to choose someone who has the same need to strive to make themselves as best as they could. That does not mean that you should only choose a college graduate to be with because school is not for everyone. Some people are great entrepreneurs, while others are great at specific skills, talents or trades.

But in further consideration of the topic, I came to the conclusion that college students and graduates do not have higher expectations of their mates than those who have never attended college.

We all, no matter if we were able to attend college, want to better ourselves. And we want a partner who feels the same. Knowing that the generation after you should in essence be better than the one before, I believe that everyone has that need to want more.

Katrelle Simmons is a junior English education student from Orlando. She can be reached at