Have fun but be wise in Atlanta

Yes, it is here again.

Not only will the Rattlers play the Tennessee State University Tigers, and hopefully stay on their winning streak, but it is also a time for students to have that last bit of fun before buckling down into the books before homecoming festivities in October.

As expressed in an earlier story about enjoying my college experience, I have thus decided to join my fellow Rattlers this weekend in Atlanta.

But as a virgin to the Atlanta Classic, the only thing I’m worried about is what to expect and what to do?

Since I’ve lived in Orlando for years, I have experienced the Orlando Classic. But when it comes to Atlanta, I’m clueless.

Due to this, I think that anyone who is attending this year’s classic for the first time should be accompanied by a tour guide. That’s the student that seems to know Atlanta inside and out, but for some reason has never lived there.

And last but not least, students should keep in mind that we are college students representing Florida A&M University and should act accordingly.

I expect to see my fellow Rattlers everywhere I go this weekend, as though this is some kind of knock-off homecoming week in Tallahassee.

But Atlanta-goers beware: This is not the time to lose your mind.

Yes, you should have loads of fun this weekend; after all, why go if you don’t enjoy yourself. But that does not mean that you should act like you have no home training.

If you haven’t realized, it seems as though the media is itching to put something negative about FAMU in the newspaper and on television following the disgraceful act the band performed a few weeks ago in Detroit.

So we need to prove them wrong and act like the educated, intelligent and respectful young men and women we are.

As far as the question of, what to do? I think that students should try to go to the game because that is the real reason we are all going. Right?

But also visit Atlanta’s malls, restaurants, nightclubs and everything else Tallahassee is lacking.

With Tallahassee being a college town, it seems at times you can run out of things to do on a weekend because the town is so small.

You don’t want to see the same people every time you feel like stepping out the house. But Atlanta, as I have heard, is the total opposite.

As for myself, I intend on going to the game and visiting the lovely restaurants, nightclubs and shops while cruising around Atlanta sightseeing.

Students, please behave yourselves.

Have fun but just remember, you are not only representing yourself but also this great university.

Katrelle Simmons is a junior English education student from Orlando. She can be reached at famuanopinions@hotmail.com.