Chauvinist society determines election

Recently, former first lady Hilary Clinton has been announced as a potential candidate for the 2008 presidential elections.

Whoa! A woman as the president of the United States of America? We have come a long way, but in 2008, it might happen. Or will it?

Women have moved from working behind kitchen stoves to CEO positions in fortune 500 companies.

The shift from strictly housewives to strictly business has established women in roles of authority that make it possible for Clinton to have this opportunity.

But even though Clinton has this chance to carve her name in history, it is not likely she will.

The American dream of becoming the president has only become reality to the middle-upper class white men since this country began.

Deny it if you want, but this is a man-driven society. Unfortunately, when it comes to elections, whether state or federal, often voters don’t select candidates based on the issues. As it is widely known, elections have become more of a popularity contest. “Leadership in a dress” is not popular among today’s American men.

Think back to grade school when there was a girl versus a boy for class president. The boys voted for the boy and the most of the girls voted for the girl. Therefore, Clinton’s sex may play a big role in dissuading “deserved” votes for her campaign, unfortunately.

But maybe times have changed, and maybe on Election Day men may let go of their fallacies and vote for the best candidate, even if she is a woman.

Anthony Anamelechi for the Editorial Board.