The results are in; two are disqualified

The following are the winners of the freshman and graduate elections. For more results please pick up The Famuan Newspaper edition.

Freshman Pres. & VP

George Burns/Tony Brown (352) DISQUALIFIED*Vincent Evans/Jasmine Frank (190)*Clarence Soloman/Ashley Dixon (69)

Freshman Senator Results

Flowers-McFarland, Asia (255) Gray, Amber (255)Hayes, Calvin (280)Jackson, Ricquel (273) Jones, Amari (515)Knight, Nadiyah (427) Watkins, Sekou (272) Ray, Landon (446)

Freshman Attendant

*Vanessa Fortune (152)*Chelsea Matthews (291)

Graduate Attendant

*Crystal Bowers (44)*Tomara Johnson (73)

Graduate Senator

Matthew Beaty (39)Kristie Henry (109)Anthony Ware (93)

Graduate Pres. & V.P

Stephen Roberson/Alecia Burnette (107)

*Denotes Runoff