Seminoles should not look down on others

What’s up with our neighbors across the railroad tracks?

Let me start off by saying I have friends who go to Florida State University, so I’m not bashing all the Seminoles. Seminoles are good in my book, just as long as they respect us.

But too many of them try to look down on us. This is not a new issue; it has been a topic of discussion since at least before I stepped foot here in 2003.

I cannot stand Seminoles that believe they sit on a pedestal that towers over us Rattlers. FSU is no better than Florida A&M University.

Yes, they have a nationally-ranked football team and more funds than FAMU, but so what? Just because none of their dirty laundry is aired and ours is, doesn’t result in FSU being the best.

I’m pretty sure the faculty has pocketed at least a few dollars, if not for themselves, surely for some of those football players. They think comments like, “You guys have a good band” and “The school itself is not that bad, but your president can’t quit stealing all the money,” are compliments. I’ve heard that type of garbage more than once. They are going to quit blaming Interim President Castell V. Bryant for issues in which she didn’t play a role.

That is total disrespect for someone to say FAMU “isn’t that bad.” What the heck does “that bad” mean? FAMU is an excellent school.

As far as the marching band, I agree they are good. Who am I kidding, our band, even when missing members, is the pinnacle of success; what other college marching band has graced the stage of the Grammys?

With Tallahassee being the fishbowl it is, you can’t really help but mingle with FSU students. We all shop at the same two malls and eat at the same restaurants.

There are a lot of part-timers at FSU.

They rag on FAMU today, but when Friday comes, those same people try to blend in with us on The Set. I don’t know who they think they are fooling. I know I have not seen all of my fellow Rattlers before, but I can pick out a Seminole in a second. On Fridays, you can find them dancing, laughing and having a good ole time on the campus they poke fun from Saturday through Thursday.

Tell them to not smile in our faces and backbite as soon as they step foot across Gaines Street.

We are not the only ones looking forward to our homecoming. Don’t think they aren’t anticipating it as well. But turn around and ask yourself how many of us are awaiting the boredom fest they call homecoming?

Let’s face it; Tallahassee would be a lot more dull if the Rattlers didn’t sit at the top of the Hill.

Siraaj Sabree is a senior newspaper journalism student from Miami. He can be reached at