It is hard to forgive and forget if you have been done wrong

It was a beautiful Monday morning when my friend Katie and I decided to go to her boyfriend’s house to see if he wanted to go with us to breakfast. When we arrived at his house, there was another car there. Katie ruled that since he has roommates, maybe the car was for them.

As we knocked on the door, I noticed that the music was extremely loud, so Katie decided to look up at his window and call him to unlock the door. But when he ran down to the door claiming to be headed to the gym without a towel or a bag, she knew something was wrong.

As Katie pushed her way into the house and up the stairs to his room where she found a scared girl standing half-dressed near the door.

As I calmed Katie down – letting the girl leave the house without a scratch – the real fight broke out between Katie and her boyfriend. That was the end of our peaceful breakfast, and Katie swore that she would leave him for good. After all, she could “never be with a cheater,” she said.

Long story short, Katie ended up taking her boyfriend back due to her “undying” love for him. But there is never an argument or heated conversation with her boyfriend or about her boyfriend where Katie did not bring up the incident.

According to, cheating is one of the hardest things to get over when in a relationship due to the lost of trust and the deception one party feels.

But when it comes to any situation that deals with trust issues, can you ever really forgive and forget?

When we were younger, adults told us that the right thing to do when someone you trust betrayed you was to forgive and forget. But is it ever possible to truly forget?

By definition, to forgive means to pardon, meaning the person is allowing error, weakness or wrong to diminish. And to forget is defined as the inability to think or recall a situation.

I think it is impossible to forget. Yes, you can forgive your boyfriend, girlfriend, relative and or friend for their trespasses against you, but you can never forget what they have done to you.

Though the famous cliché of forgive and forget is widely used to express one’s position of coping with a situation, it is important to remember that forgetting the situation is just not plausible.

Although you can forgive, it is important to remember because you do not want to put yourself in the same situation.

But it is imperative to remember that when you forgive someone, you should not bring up the situation again. Not only is this irritating, it shows that you have not fully forgiven them.

In the case of Katie and her boyfriend, said cheating is something only time can heal.

Though Katie brings up his indiscretion whenever she is mad at him, she realized the only way to get through her relationship is to forgive and reminisce in order to learn from her past mistakes in trusting her boyfriend whole-heartily.

Katrelle Simmons is a junior English education student from Orlando. She can be reached at