Committee Corner

Greetings on behalf of the Senate Executive Committee and welcome to the first edition of the Gavel! You, the Student Body, can now look forward to reading The Gavel at the end of each month. The Gavel gives the 36th Student Senate an opportunity to keep students informed about upcoming events and activities, our operations, as well as our perspective on various issues directly concerning the Student Body.

We are extremely enthusiastic and excited about this upcoming school year as we write a new chapter and turn a new page — The 36th Student Senate, making “Progression to a New AGE!”

Feel free to visit us at any time or express your concerns during Community Forum at Senate Meetings each Monday at 6 p.m. in the Senate Chambers. We look forward to meeting you.

Respectfully Submitted,Senate Executive Committee ChairMellori Lumpkin

Members: Senate President Ebony Manchion, Sen. Vandoline Ivey, Sen. Antoinette Abington, Sen. Candice Pelham, Sen. Ashley Duprat, Sen. Phylicia Ross, Sen. Chudnei Bennett