Convocation crowd remains the same despite time shift

Once again the student body of Florida A&M University proved the skeptics wrong.

They said students would not attend convocation on a Sunday, and they were probably right.

So convocation was moved to Friday afternoon.

Again, skeptics said students would not be in attendance. They were wrong.

Students packed into Gaither Gymnasium once again for the President’s Convocation Friday afternoon.

The crowd, which rivaled the size of other convocations, was just as hype as ever. The day and time may have changed, but that old Rattler spirit still remains the same.

Faculty, staff and most of all, the student body should be given kudos for taking a measly two hours out of their day to short support for their institution.

The feeling of togetherness and school spirit that convocation brings is unlike any other, and those in attendance should be proud that they chose to put their school and love of FAMU before their personal agendas.

Did students come out because of the promise of free shirts?Probably not.

How about to test out the new air-conditioner?

Doubt it.

The students at convocation were there because they have a genuine love for FAMU.

Those students are your “ride or die” Rattlers. The ones you can count on to support this university no matter what.

We applaud those who attended and can only hope that more FAMU students jump on the bandwagon.

Sidney Wright IV for the editorial board.