Blacks cannot afford to stay complacent

We, as a people, need to stand up for justice before unjust acts are committed. CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” reported Thursday that the Red River School Board in Coushatta, La. has yet to offer an apology to neither the children nor their parents one month after the children were subjected to an egregious act of injustice.

According to the Aug. 24 article, a white bus driver ordered nine black students to sit in two rows of seats in the rear of the bus while allowing the white students to have seats all to themselves.

The parents of the children were outraged and immediately complained to school officials. But there could be numerous questions asked. How engaged were the parents with their children’s school environment before this injustice occurred? Did they attend the parent/teacher meetings? What about the Red River School Board meetings?

The point is that after 50 years of “freedom” from segregation, black people are still disenfranchised and must continue to stand up instead of sitting down in the complacency chair.

Steady involvement in community affairs and keeping up with the latest news are important ways to stay informed about your environment.

As the popular phrase suggests, it is better to be proactive than reactive.

Mia N. Small for the editorial board.