Up close with coach Malone

After completing their warm up laps, the woman’s team

gathered up around their coach, 1996 Olympic Gold medalist

(400-meter relay) Maicel Malone.

“Okay 100 sit-ups ladies…let’s go,” Malone said. The

Indianapolis native, and Arizona State graduate enters her

second season at Florida A&M University with hopes of success.

The fairly new addition to the Rattler family, and former Florida

State assistant coach approaches but keeps with one eye still on

her players; Malone smiles and has a seat.

The Famuan: Before you decided to coach track and field,

what was it that you wanted to do?

Actually, I always wanted to be an engineer. But after going

to college, and taking the assessment test, my athletic advisor

told me it would be too hard for me to do both track and


Q: Now that you’re a Rattler what is the best thing about your


I would definitely have to say my athletes. It’s exciting because

you never know what to expect. Something new happens


Q: On down days, what is the one thing that relaxes you and

makes everything OK?

Besides my son, my athletes tend to recognize my stress filled

days and their always so full of joy. Let’s say they know what to

say to make me smile.</i

Q: What is the last thing you did or place you visited that

made you think, ‘why didn’t I do this earlier?’

You know, I never had a vacation. The last place I visited was

Jamaica three years ago for a wedding, but I’ve never had a


Q: Is there a form of art you prefer?

Music, I enjoy listening to music. Preferably jazz, however I do

have an appreciation, for all types. Music calms the soul.

Especially Luther (Vandross)!

Q: On an intellectual level, who or what are you most influenced


My higher being. But overall throughout the years I had some

great mentors, former coaches played a major role in my life.

Coach Jones and Coach Hollaway of University of Florida, and

Coach Paige at Georgia Tech.

Q: When you hear the saying, ‘If I knew then what I know now,’

what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Oh my God! Spiritually, then, I would have been more

grounded. I would have made a lot of different choices. And I

would have definitely trained harder. I was always talented but

if I knew then what I know now I would have gone the extra


Q: What do you like most about Florida?

I love the weather and the convenience of going to the beach

when I can. Well, I haven’t been there in about five years.

Q: So how did you spend your time off this summer?

Time off?

Over the summer I did some recruiting and had the

pleasure of going to China and being a coach on the World

Junior Championship team.

Q: It seems like it’s all work. Do you have a favorite spot to

relax and gather your thoughts?

My room (she said jokingly). No. I live, sleep and eat my job

and my child. I need to relax and take a vacation.

Then it’s back to work…