New game swipe system should boost attendance

So it’s Friday; where do Rattler fans go to get their home football game tickets?

Not at the stadium waiting in the long, hot lines.In an issue of The Famuan, it was reported that the long-awaited card swipe process of attending home games has arrived. No longer will we have to wait in long, hot lines all day just to get tickets to games we might not attend. In an attempt to save time, the university has implemented this process, which should cause home game attendance to rise.

But will the swiping machine work?

FAMU students know the technology on campus can sometimes mysteriously malfunction during the times we need it most. Therefore, students should take precautions when going to the game Saturday by not only bringing their Rattler card, but also a copy of their schedule.

With the first home game of the season happening Saturday at Bragg Memorial Stadium, it is imperative that students support the football team. With the new, convenient card-swiping process, students now should have no excuse for not attending.

Though at times the band seems to be the only reason many students attend FAMU’s football games, the football team showed us last Saturday they can win when they beat the Howard Bison 31-23. So let’s show the team, and FAMU’s technology department, some support and attend the game.

After all, everything might just go smoothly both on and off the field.

Katrelle Simmons for the Editorial Board