Students need to get more involved in on-campus life

There is no real excuse for not being involved on campus while juggling off-campus life.

Many students may question how they are going to get all their work done and still escape in time to make it to their jobs, cook a meal or watch their favorite TV show. But that should be the least of their worries. Fitting everything that is important into a single day has actually become easy for many students. The secret is prioritizing. It’s all about time management.

If no one ever mentioned it before, it is necessary for every student to possess a personal planner. Being a student for most is a nine to five job. Have students forgotten they actually possess a college career? It’s obvious many students don’t consider their experience FAMU as a career, so they fail to treat it as a hire-and-fire situation. The reality is that students are their own bosses and they often lead to their own terminations by not working on-campus involvement into their agendas.

Learn to leverage time in a way that is most beneficial. Don’t surrender a great opportunity to grow by caving into the mindset of a hustler. It’s not becoming.

They should become a part of on-campus organizations or clubs. By prioritizing these activities into their daily routine, students learn how to become excellent multi-taskers. Prioritizing becomes a habit, and students become successful in future endeavors.

It all boils down to how dedicated students are to their college career. If it were impossible for students to be a part of on-campus organizations and clubs, those activities would be obsolete. This campus is full of awesome opportunities for students to progress, and it’s sad to see students fail to take advantage of what is offered.

Carnell Hawthorne Jr. for the editorial board.