Simply Striking: What’s hot in fashion

Designer’s Tale

This fall is for the eclectic hipster that doesn’t mind flipping into different mind frames and having their clothing reflect it. Designers have saturated the runway with leather, hippie shades, dramatic trenches, graphic printed hoodies and remnants of the eighties.

In addition to the big names in fashion like D&G, Louis Vuitton and Donna Karen, local raising stars in the fashion industry have their own picks for the hottest trends this fall fashion season.

Edwin Mackey, a 22-year-old senior general studies student at Tallahassee Community College owns his own clothing line, Edwin Mackey Inc. and is currently working on his album that is scheduled for release spring 2007. “Fashion is a personal expression of one’s style,” Mackey explained.

“To say I have a favorite designer is too broad. I don’t really find myself liking a complete collection, just certain aspects of them,” Mackey said.

According to Mackey there are not too many original trends flying off the runway this fall. One trend he did note dealt with the color burnt orange, “Anything that color is bound to be the hottest thing on the shelves!”

Michael Sailes, a 22-year-old senior fashion design student Florida States University focuses on being “stylishly comfortable.”

“The business suit has changed to be more sleek and modern, and contemporary dresses are more abstract and sexy than ever. They will definitely be a hit this fall,” said Sailes.

“Fashion is bold, is doesn’t fit any one standard,” said FAMU’s own James Jefferies, a 19-year-old junior mechanical engineer student from Atlanta, GA and the proud designer behind Amore Clothing Co.

Jefferies is inspired by doing fashions shows here in Tallahassee, and some of his latest work was inspired by his new knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry.

“Ladies should look out for hot bags and clothing with patterns, and guys should out for hat, scarves and boots,” said Jefferies about the hot trends this fall.

Eccentric Souls Only

Traditionally the fall resonates with earth-tones and a plethora of winter accessories-this season has a twist to it. Along with the traditional elements of the fall fashion season is the flare of the eighties, a decade known for its overzealous and outrageous glamour.

Items like leggings, over-sized sweaters and ankles boots hit stores this season, and scream Krush Groove.

There is also a grunge-like hip-hop aspect to male fashion this season as well. Designers from Live Mechanics have developed a line of menswear that is complete with intricately detailed hoodies, track jackets and rugged denim that shows an alternative, and more modern approach to hip-hop clothing.

Angel Suri is the fashion correspondent for The Famuan. He can be reached at