FACE OFF: Rattlers’ stellar winning record ensures a win against the Bison

I like Howard University. Well, aside from the friendly competition of course.

I’ve never really had a major problem with our MEAC rival.

Though that may have more to do with my Howard ties than anything else.

It’s not a stretch to say that Howard is a good school. Plenty of publications would agree, maybe even FAMU’s own Journey magazine or The Famuan.

A certain business periodical even ranked Howard as the second best school for black students. But a wise man once said, “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

All right, so it wasn’t really a wise man, but you get the idea.

Some would argue that Howard trails only Bethune-Cookman College in the pecking order of FAMU rivals.

Second again? I’m afraid so. Hilltoppers – and one writer – should be honored because road trips to Detroit and Coral Gables certainly didn’t get the same treatment.

But there has to be some reason not to like the Bison. Just look at the last five football games. FAMU has outscored Howard 167 to 84 although Howard won two of the five games.

There seems to be a pattern developing with this whole number two thing. But that’s not what I wanted.

Then Howard must have had a lot of success in the past at least?

If six wins in 28 attempts is your definition of greatness, absolutely. Perhaps we should take a look at other sports.

Volleyball? The Rattlers have captured the last five championships.

Softball? FAMU has won the last two titles. Men’s basketball? I don’t think anyone’s forgotten sharpshooter Terrence Woods in Burr Gymnasium yet.

If not for Howard’s women’s cross country, which captured three of the last four conference crowns, the Bison’s trophy cases may have been more spacious.

Maybe the animosity stems from something else. How could you be mad at the “Mecca” of higher education (Whatever that means anyway)? I understand the institution is supposed to be central in the lives of its students. Why not lowercase it then?

I don’t know. The Howard Bison and FAMU Rattlers should both be excited about the match-up. It’s the second conference game for FAMU and second game overall for Howard. It’s hard for those Bison to get away from that second digit.

Both are coming off tough losses last week. It’s too bad all-world defensive back Antoine Bethea, a Howard product now with the Indianapolis Colts, won’t be suiting up. Roosevelt Kiser, Willie Hayward and Anthony Edwards may make Howard fans wish Bethea was still roaming the field.

My prediction is FAMU by 10. Also, I must extend thanks to both Ed Hill and Caryn Grant for embracing me despite my orange and green ties.

John W. Marsh is the sports editor for The Famuan. He can be reached at thefamuansports@hotmail.com.